Rock Climber


Personal Trainer

Calisthenics student and coach



Its all about embracing what I can do!

Followong a life changing accident in 2010 I have been rehabing! 

I will be consider myself to be rehabing until I reach a stage where I can do everything I could do prior to my injuries.  My goal is to make myself a better, and more cabable version of myselg every day.

My two big outlets for that are climbing, and through training, be that a big lifting session at the gym, or body weight and movement sessions - Calisthenic work.  Im a proud member of the GB paracliming team and I coach climbing, deliver PT work and help run calisthenic workshops through the best functional gym in the UK.

Im a husband, and a father of two amazing little boys!  My family are everything.  I push myself as hard as I can as it;

1 - Makes me stronger and more able to be the dad I want to be;

2 - shows my little boys what hard work and purserverace can help them to achieve.





I consider myself extremely fortunate to have support from some incredile people/organisations;

-Chimera Climbing, tunbridge wells - exceptional climbing wall!

-Chalkbox Crossfit Gyn in seavenoaks - an awesome box with an amazing comminuty!

-Beyond Hope - supplies of the best climbing gear in the buisness!

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